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Adam and Cullen are the proud owners of Chubs Grub Hub. Adam has always had a passion for cooking, from Sunday dinner to all our family and friends at a cookout. He goes above and beyond in the kitchen, nothing less than perfection. He finds joy in people enjoying his food. Adam was born and raised in Pittsburg, PA, moving down to the South at a young age, he developed a niche for cooking both styles bringing together his roots of northern cuisine to southern style cooking. Cullen is local to coastal South Carolina, growing up on the Atlantic with her father, Commercial fisherman Captain Bill Black, she learned her way around the kitchen cooking southern style fish. With the help of her beloved grandmother, Tootsie, Cullen learned so many southern style dessert recipes handed down from generations. 

Adam and Cullen love to travel across the western hemisphere learning to cook different styles of food. From Cajun cooking in the heart of New Orleans, the shores of Nova Scotia, Canada, the city of New York, the fields of Montana, the desert of Arizona, over the boarder of Mexico, and the shores of Maine. Our mission is to bring a little from here, a little from there to those in Downtown Monroe for all to enjoy. 

With their children attending Monroe schools our family was very tight knit with our community here in Monroe. Adam was a coach for the Redhawks Football team for several years, engaging with the players on and off the field. Monroe has been our home for a very long time and we are so thrilled to be able to bring our touch of home to those in our community. 

Family owned, Family Run
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